Finally! I got my own! This was a birthday gift for me by Mom and Step Dad. I’m so happy! And it’s my first iPhone too! Hehe.

Finally! I got my own! This was a birthday gift for me by Mom and Step Dad. I’m so happy! And it’s my first iPhone too! Hehe.

We Visited The Bulgogi Brothers

It’s the time of the year that my Stepfather’s birthday. He’s 53 now and still denying his age ha ha ha. We celebrated his birthday here in Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt 5. They have also a branch in Alabang Town Center.

When I first heard it’s opening, the next days or weeks, I told Mom and Stepdad to eat here but they don’t want to eat here that day. But when Stepdad’s birthday arrived, now it’s time to dine here. We have also these card and discounts that we bought from the Italianni’s Restaurant Company some sort. Under of that Company are the Italianni’s, T.G.I. Friday’s, The Stock Market Cafe at Bonifacio High Street, Krazy Garlic and Bulgogi Brothers (I can’t recall the other restaurants.)

The First Impression when I entered the resto was so comfy. The staffs are so friendly and always kept visiting our table to ask what we need. It felt like I was in Seoul, Korea. LOL! The plating and utensils are so korean-ish.

I also adored the cute light blue ceramic plates and cups! They have these tiny white flowers painted on them. It looks like they’re cherry blossoms. After mesmerizing the plating, we absolutely ordered our food.

Mom ordered this dish. I think this the Sogogi Japchae. A noodle dish made with glass noodles, beef, bell pepper and onions. It tastes like a Vietnamese chapchae but it was good and and a little bit sweet.

Then Stepdad and me ordered some Haemul Doenjang-jjigae. A soybean stew w/ assorted seafood and vegetables.

And this is the Bulgogi Brothers Special. Their special assorted bulgogi is seasoned to “perfection for the ultimate experience.” Un-yang and Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi.

And this girl staff come to our table and started to cook our barbecue.

The usually barbecue restos are DIY cooking, here no. The staff will cook for you. And that’s a new experience for me.

And after she cooked our food, we started to eat and I tend to goof off and placed this heart-shaped cooked beef above my rice to took a nice picture ha ha ha.

*All photos are caught by my iPod :)

First night in Baguio City

This March 18 my and my family went to Baguio City to have some vacation on our back. It was also an post-celebration of my Mom’s birthday :)

It’s been so long that I have visited Baguio City. It is my 3rd or 4th time to land on this city. Last I saw Baguio City, is still not so urban city but then when I saw the place again, it totally developed now. The people are so modernized also, I saw them with the latest gadgets, etc.

We arrived at Baguio by noon, when the sun was so high and hot. We go first to SM City Baguio to eat lunch, I didn’t expect to be cold there on a noon time, but the wind shivers me. After our lunch we checked in to Hotel Supreme.

We went out of the road when it’s night to see the nightlife in the city. And also it was past dinner time. We ate at a local fast food chain. I took these photos where we sat.

I just adored our view from our spot. Even though it’s past 9pm, taxi’s are still roaming around to get more passengers.

I took a stolen shot of Stepdad while we wait for our food to come. This is the only photos that I’ve taken on or first day on Baguio. I didn’t have the mood to took photos of that day (my bad)