Hair Color Guide

I have dyed my hair ago, I was a 1st year college student back then. I put bright red highlights on my hair. Black and red are really a good combination though! I went to a parlor not a salon (that was my mistake) to color my hair. They bleached it first then be back for a week to continue the process. When I get back, they colored it red! It looked so good :))

Well I’m really having a bad time thinking about this. I want to dye my hair again, with a semi permanent color. Seeing these bloggers have dyed and colored hair made me inspire to dye my hair too. Ha ha ha. Some of these bloggers are blonde, brunette, bright red, green, lilac and pink! And all of them are asians! We are in the same race with fair skin tones. And most of all, their natural hair color is black! I have a chance!

Blonde to Darkest Brown (ALL)

Ebony Black to Brown Vanilla (BLONDES)

Jet Black to Medium Auburn (REDS)

Jet Black to Light Brown (MIXED)

These hair color charts will be my guide to help me choose a good color that will compliment my skin tone and eye color.