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Adele - Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2011 HD (by jwa158)

*Love this :”)

Cajun Chicken and Mini Baked Potato Salad

This is my first time to make an actual recipe. Well, it’s not my first time to cook. I made many main courses and starters when I was a teenager (I feel so old even though I’m 20) LOL. But these few months, I only make salads, you know to eat healthy :))

Well here’s my recipe for Cajun Chicken and Mini Baked Potato Salad.

You need is:

How to cook it:

1. Mix the cajun seasoning mix, cayenne pepper and oil. Put the sliced chicken fillets in the mixture.

2. Mix the chicken and the mixture until the chicken is covered all over. Marinate it for 30 minutes.

3. After marinating it for 30 minutes, saute it the diced garlic.

4. Get the mini potatoes and clean them. After cleaning poke the mini potatoes using a fork. One side per poke while be okay.

5. Get the wet paper towels and place them on a wide plate. Cover the mini potatoes. Make sure everything is covered.

6. Put the mini potatoes inside the microwave. On high temperature, bake them for 3 minutes.

7. Enjoy!

*These photos are taken by my ipod. Sorry for the bad quality of the photo :(

Reblog: The Hair Photo a Day Project

*This is from Fat mum slim (@fatmumslim)

Here’s something to make you feel warm & fuzzy: Next month, on April 27th, Pantene and Seventeen are coming together to host the first-ever National Donate Your Hair Day, which will benefit the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. They’ll be encouraging people to cut and donate their hair so that they can create free, real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

The Pantene Beautiful Lengths program was created in 2006 and since then they’ve received more than 311,000 donations from men, women and children and have been able to create thousands of wigs for female cancer patients. Pretty good stuff, right?

So, last month Pantene in New York approached me about the photo a day lists I’ve been creating and asked if I’d like to create a Hair Photo a Day list for people to follow in the lead up to National Donate Your Hair Day. I said yes, of course. Then together with the talented Christina from Hair Romance we created the list. Here it is:

Starting on March 29th worldwide Pantene would love for you to take a photo using the daily prompt as inspiration and share on whichever platform you like {Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your blog, Tumblr, Pinterest etc} and use the hashtag #HairPhotoaday. This is a little different to the photo a day lists that I’ve created in that the date of the month won’t coincide with the list number. You’ll just start taking photos and follow the list.

Here it is for easy reference:

March 29: Hair self portrait
March 30: Celeb hair you love
March 31: Hair flash back {a photo of you and your hair a while back}
April 1: Going out hair
April 2: Hair colour you adore
April 3: Your hair-do today
April 4: Best hair moment {the haircut/style you loved the most on you}
April 5: Your favourite hair accessory
April 6: Straight hair
April 7: Long hair {if you don’t have it, share a friend, celeb etc}
April 8: Dream hair {hair you wish you had}
April 9: Your mum’s hair {past or present}
April 10: Weekend hair
April 11: A stranger’s hair
April 12: A favourite short ‘do
April 13: Curly hair
April 14: Hair Swissshhh
April 15: Worst hair moment
April 16: Straight out of the shower hair
April 17: Your hair as a child
April 18: A friend’s hair
April 19: Hair product you used today
April 20: Bed head
April 21: Your hair at 8pm
April 22: Hair don’t {hair you really don’t like}
April 23: Flashback: Your hair as a teen
April 24: Where you did your hair today
April 25: Daily hair routine
April 26: Work / School hair
April 27: Donated hair

*I already had joined the movement by taking a picture :D at my Instagram account @akynad

First night in Baguio City

This March 18 my and my family went to Baguio City to have some vacation on our back. It was also an post-celebration of my Mom’s birthday :)

It’s been so long that I have visited Baguio City. It is my 3rd or 4th time to land on this city. Last I saw Baguio City, is still not so urban city but then when I saw the place again, it totally developed now. The people are so modernized also, I saw them with the latest gadgets, etc.

We arrived at Baguio by noon, when the sun was so high and hot. We go first to SM City Baguio to eat lunch, I didn’t expect to be cold there on a noon time, but the wind shivers me. After our lunch we checked in to Hotel Supreme.

We went out of the road when it’s night to see the nightlife in the city. And also it was past dinner time. We ate at a local fast food chain. I took these photos where we sat.

I just adored our view from our spot. Even though it’s past 9pm, taxi’s are still roaming around to get more passengers.

I took a stolen shot of Stepdad while we wait for our food to come. This is the only photos that I’ve taken on or first day on Baguio. I didn’t have the mood to took photos of that day (my bad)

At this point.

I’ve been lazy all these days since we came from Baguio. The photos I have are not edited yet. Even the notebook that I must pass is not yet done (actually not started yet.) These pass few days, I watched and watched episodes by episodes of television series and movies and yet I’m not finished watching it. LOL! I must start these school work first. Finals is here and must gussy up again. Wish me luck, please?! Haha :))