Everything is more beautiful reflected in your eyes.

Baby, you’re a firework!

My Twin left me alone

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning when Justine decided to leave their house to live on her own. Bailey is still sleepy but got dressed up just to talk to her twin.

Justine: I’m sorry sis. I need to live on my own with Darlene now.

Bailey: What?! It’s so sudden! You’re just gonna leave me alone here with Riley? C’mon sis!

Bailey: Hey, talk to me! Let’s talk about this!

Justine: Wait a sec sis. I’m gonna call my real estate agent to find me a good house around here.

Bailey: *sigh*

Agent: The house is ready for you now. You can move there today!

Justine: That’s so good! Well, I’m gonna go there now!

Bailey: …

Justine: I gotta run sis. Bye!

Bailey: What about our talk?

Bailey: Well, Riley. We’re all alone now. They’re gone now.

Bailey: Don’t leave me, okay? You are the only one I’ve got for now.

Riley nods and licked her. Bailey smiled again because she got Riley, her best friend.

She kissed Riley on the nose and they’re happy again, even they’re alone.

Justine and Darlene Nakamatsu

Well, I’ve introduced Bailey previously. Now I will introduced her again with her twin. I just recently thought about how about I play twins in Sims 3.

This is Justine, Bailey’s twin. They’re identical twins but Bailey is seconds older than her. They’re hair is biologically strawberry blonde but she prefer to dye her hair darker and as you can see, there’s still blonde strands on her hair. She’s kinda different to Bailey. Bailey is the girly girl and Justine is the boyish girl type. She typically wears eye glasses because of her poor eyesight but I took it off just you to see her face clearly. Even she’s a boyish girl, she’s still wears a little make up just to compliment her short pixie hairstyle.

They have the same height but Bailey is wearing heels. They’re body is a little bit different. Bailey have fuller breasts and Justine have average sized breasts. They’re both slim and never stepped on a treadmill.

When it comes to clothes and fashion, Justine is more in a simple and comfortable clothes that she can move freely with it. She also have a pet, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Darlene.

Here you can see Justine walking Darlene and Bailey walking Riley (I like to rhyme names)

*thank you again for Anubis360, Lotus, Lemonleaf, Rusty Nail and others (I can’t remember the others, sorry)

Bailey and Riley Nakamatsu

*sorry for this picture’s quality

This Bailey Nakamatsu. She is my sim in The Sims 3. I will give a brief introduction of her. She is half-american and half-japanese. She currently lives in Appaloosa Plains. I base her traits to mine, I imagine I’m Bailey to enjoy myself while playing.

Her traits:

Let me show you first some beauty shots of her.

Thanks to some light make ups and a pair of contact lenses, she look like this. Ain’t she pretty and cute? She’s like a doll, which I imagined her face will be. I just changed her hairstyle and outfit for a different kind of looks.

Upon her looks, she seems single and happy but she is married to someone (I will introduce him in the future because I’m still working on it) and quitely missing her husband. Even though she’s sad, she still have a companion and her best friend.

*Thank you for Anubis360, Lemonleaf and the people who created what Bailey’s wearing and using (sorry, can’t remember who are them)

Now, this is Riley. Bailey’s best friend and beloved pet. She’s a Siberian Husky. She came at Bailey’s life when she was a cute little puppy. She’s only a year old and have grown a lot with Bailey.

Riley’s traits:

So fun to be with. She know some tricks and Bailey still teaching her new tricks. Her and Bailey bond everyday. They eat & bath together, take walks to find other owners and pets and bond with them, etc.