Hello Agent 47! And hello free games! 😀

Hello Agent 47! And hello free games! 😀


Resident Evil 6

I just finished Assassin’s Creed 3. Sad ending though, but I can’t help myself to think that Desmond may will not comeback in the upcoming sequel? Still not sure. But I’m gonna miss him for sure.

Got my own copy! YEHEY! Can’t wait to install Seasons and to play AC 3! WOOHOO!

Resident Evil 6 has been released in the Philippines!

It’s official! Resident evil 6 for PS3/XBOX has been released here. I just knew it by 10:30am here :)) And I read the tweet of Datablitz (a video game store) and it costs about 1890php ($45)

I want to buy it like right now but I have to prioritize other games like The Sims 3 ;) But I will buy this though!

If you didn’t see the trailer of this game, I will you it to you :)

Just Dance 3 on PS3!

Just Dance 3 - E3 Trailer [North America] (by ubisoft)

Omegash! I only knew today that Ps3 has this!